Things not to say to a single person on Valentine’s Day

Things not to say to a single person on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here! Lovers take to restaurants and romantic destinations, to celebrate their love for one another. Romantic emails, text, letters and tweets are sent back and forth. Well, spare a though for the single man or woman who does not have a romantic interest. So, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day and have conversations about it, without offending single people?
Here is a collection of things you may not want to say around or ask a single person on Valentine’s Day.
1. Ahh, so you do not have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, why not join a dating site?
2. I have the perfect person to set you up with.
3. I have been married twice when I was your age.
4. You are still single, don’t you get lonely?
5. Do you find Valentine’s Day frustrating?
6. Do you feel sad being single on Valentine’s Day?

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