What kind of relationship is a no label dating?

What kind of relationship is a no label dating?

When I was growing up, there were some truths that I considered so solid that they didn’t bear questioning: that Girl Power was the height of modern feminism. That one microwaved sausage roll was a snack, but two was a complete meal. That I would one day find a partner, we’d get married, and stay together forever.

Somewhere along the line, though, I realised that the Spice Girls were great, but not quite Simone de Beauvoir, that processed meat can give you cancer, and that a+b = marriage and kids was just one of many possible romantic equations.

And because epiphanies don’t happen in a vacuum, I’m not the only one who’s begun to question whether “one person for life” is truly obtainable.

Dating, and even having entire relationships, without labelling what you are to each other means that you and your paramour are both free to see, and sleep with others while still spending quality time together. And, as Dr Anna Machin, who studies love and relationships at the University of Oxford, explains, it’s far from a niche pursuit.

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