If you think your relationship is getting dull, then you need to come up with certain romantic date ideas to enlive your love life. Going out to a candlelit dinner or catching a romantic flick are the things of the past, you need to have unique ideas that can spruce up your love life and get you and your partner laughing & teasing once again.

Allow me to discuss the best 8 romantic date ideas that can surely prove handy.


Watching A Movie – Outside

You might be wondering that I have criticised watching a movie together in the beginning, but catching an outdoor movie together can be a unique experience for both of you. You can easily find various parks and lawns where some of the romantic movies are screened during the warmer months.

You can carry a blanket and a bottle of wine to cozy up under the stars. These kind of screenings are often classics such as ‘Gone with the Wind’ you will have an unforgettable romantic backdrop that will help set the mood.


Channel Your Inner Child

If you are thinking of going all fancy then I am afraid this might not work out. To have a romantic date idea it is not mandatory to spend all your earnings. Instead, you can choose to set up a play date with your beloved. You can try out buying few goodies such as Wiffle Ball, a kite, or a frisbee from the toy store or get comfy on the sofa and both of you can catch a board game together.


Go For A Romantic Picnic

Probably one of the best romantic date ideas is to go on a picnic. You can add a touch to your picnic by making it a themed picnic such as choosing a  Spanish theme. You can stuff your smartphone with some of the best romantic songs, if possible more Spanish numbers, pick up some olives, Spanish cheese and a bottle of white rioja. Now comes the important part i.e. choosing a perfect place to have your picnic, so look around and find a serene place where you wish to set up your Spanish paradise.


Frolic At A Fairground

Most of the summer dates end up with you and your man making out in the street. You can also increase the odds of that happening by revisiting your old school-days – think all those trips to the Ferris wheel and cotton candy. There is no doubt that it is much more romantic than sitting in a crowded bar and hardly able to listen to each other, not to mention all the drunkards giving you odd stares.


Joining A Salsa Class Together

Whether you are joining a private class or a larger class with 10-15 students, joining a salsa class together is undeniably a great idea of  bringing back romance in your relationship. The whole idea of joining a salsa class together is in itself a romantic date, allowing you to express unconditional love you have for each other.

When you are dancing with your partner, it gives you a chance to get closer to your beloved in an intimate way that can surely re-ignite your passion. It is not mandatory to join only the salsa class, you can join any other dance class together that meets your taste and preferences and budgetary allocations.


Go For A Walk

This is one of the common romantic date ideas that have been discussed over and over again. Never mind, but if you look at it critically, when was the last time you and your partner took a walk together, hand in hand? There are so many places, such as parks, to visit where you can enjoy the company of each other and have a private time together.

Perhaps, the main reason that this idea has been mentioned again and again is because it is effective, moreover it costs nothing. If you are going on a leisure walk with your beloved, you can make it more romantic by carrying along a bottle of wine or probably his/her favourite chocolate. Make sure you take a walk in the evening, it also gives you a chance to sit under the stars and trust me there is nothing romantic than that.


Rent A Boat

If you don’t have the sailing skills, you don’t need to worry as you can rent a canoe or a paddle boat. This will give you a chance to spend some lonely time with your partner. Even the boat rental company will help you out in suggesting few romantic places both of you can visit while you are on a boat. Carrying swimsuits with you may come handy in case you want to take a dip together.


Embark On An Adventure

If you both love adventure, then going on an adventure date can be a unique idea. Moreover, it also gives you chance to get out of your comfort zone while enjoying the company of each other. You can also go for kayaking, rock climbing, go-karting, and ice skating. Even though this idea won’t be cherished by everyone, but it certainly does offer both of you a chance of bonding together.



One of the practical ways of getting closer as a couple is a cause you both believe in. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, help in raising money for a noble cause or you can also pick a service project at your nearby church. It might make your grateful for what you already have and will definitely be some quality time with your beloved. One more advantage i.e. spreading the love doesn’t cost you anything.

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Emma Brown is a writer by profession. She has done Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication and is a Gold Medalist in the same. A voracious reader, she has written several articles for sites like Fixithere, Followthesteps and newspapers like The Telegraph. She loves traveling and photography.

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