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Free UK Dating Site – A great place to meet UK singles!

Free UK Dating Site – Matching UK Singles Free of Charge

Are you single, looking for a date, but not prepared to use a dating website or a dating app that charges an arm and a leg? Then you have come to the right place. There is a saying that goes that “The best things in life are free.” Happily, we have extended that saying to online dating. We aim to bring you one of the best online dating experiences you have ever had, right here at the Free UK Dating Website.

We have made it simpler for you to join the Free UK Dating Site. All you need to get started is a valid email address or you can join using your Facebook login access information. Once your account is created, upload your dating profile. Then you only have to sit back and wait for other singles from your area or from across the United Kingdom to contact you. With your first contact, the dating game can begin!

Apart from being able to send private messages to other singles, the UK free dating site actively looks for profiles that match the type of man or woman you are looking to meet. The system will send you alerts so that you can browse pictures and profiles of potentially suitable singles.

Date Free across the United Kingdom & Ireland

Free UK Dating Site is a London based online dating and relationship company, but we are not London centric in our quest to help singles across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland find that special person. Our relationship match making app, which can be used on a desktop computer or a mobile device, searches for profiles matching that of the type of person you want to meet in your locality, then your region.If you are searching for a date anywhere in Great Britain; your search is widened.

Some of the busiest cities and regions in England includes London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Leeds, New Castle and Birmingham. The busiest regions of the United Kingdom in terms of singles looking for the love of their lives includes the South East of England, The Midlands and Yorkshire.

In Scotland, we have been introducing Scottish singles to each other free of charge via our free dating app and website in Glasgow, Edinburgh,Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness and Stirling.

Welsh singles in most of the major towns and cities across Wales, including Bangor,Cardiff. Newport, St. David’s, and Swansea can use the dedicated free Welsh singles search tool to find dates for free in Wales.

Single Irish guys and girls are not left out of our free online dating revolution, either. We created sections in our dating app as well as the site for men and women looking for love in Belfast, Country Antrim in Northern Ireland to meet other singles. We also have a dedicated section for guys and gals in Dublin, Ireland to find a dating match free of charge in the Irish republic.

Dating in the UK free of charge

As we all know, nothing is really completely free of charge anywhere on this planet. That begs the question, how are we able to bring you a dating platform that is matching singles free of charge? The answer lies in the fact that we partner with other online dating website companies and free dating app creators. We receive some payment from them for displaying their services on our site.

One of our leading partners is a specialist casual dating platform called Very Naughty. They introduce singles and couples who are looking for hook-ups rather than a long term relationship like the one most of our registered members want. So, to help keep our dating platform free, please visit the Very Naughty dating site. You may find some of their members to be fun and interesting to interact with.

Another partner we work closely with to keep our services charge free is I’m Yours and Wise Heart Dating. This is a website that specialises in introducing mature singles aged 40 or older. With more and more of the British population finding themselves alone in this demographic, niche dating apps such as Wise Heart knows the needs of singles in their 40s, 50s and older. All services on this introduction services platform for the older lady or gentleman were designed by experts to meet the needs of the older single people.